Vallarta Sport, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Mexico



Here you can see the spaces and put to practice different sports activities that are in Puerto Vallarta, both public and private.

Agustín Flores Contreras
Municipal Sports Unit, also known as Municipal Stadium
Francisco Medina Ascencio Avenue, in front of the Sheraton hotel
222 0490
Aeróbic Básquetbol Béisbol Boxeo Breakdance Carreras Ciclismo de Ruta Defensa Personal Deporte Adaptado Esgrima Frontenis Frontón Fútbol de Playa Fútbol Rápido Fútbol Soccer Gimnasia Olímpica Gimnasios Golf Karate Kick Boxing Lanzamientos Maratón Saltos Skateboarding Sóftbol Taekwondo Tai Chi Chuan Tenis de Mesa Trote Voleibol Voleibol de Playa Yoga Zumba
Canchas de Tenis Marriott
Tennis court rent for hour

Paseo de la Marina, Hotel Casa Magna Marriot, Marina Vallarta.
226 0000
Mangos Beach Club
Beach Club with sport activities.

Uruguay 109, Col. 5 de Diciembre.
322 131 7186 / 222 0796
Playa del Holly
Extensive beach at the mouth of Pitillal River.

SportRanch Vallarta
Horses, cars and motorbikes = 100% Fun (specialized courts)

El Colorado, Mpio. de Pto. Vallarta, Jal.
Terra Noble
Spa and Healing Center

Tulipanes 595, Fracc. Lomas de Terranoble.
223 0308 / 223 3531
Westin Work Out (by Reebok)
With membership you have access to the Gym and Tennis Court.

Hotel Westin Resort & Spa, Marina Vallarta.
226 1100
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is statistically proven that the best golfers of the world dominate the short game?
¿Thin legs? You can change them. Standing, spread your legs to the width of your shoulders and keep your back straight, bend your legs and bring the hips down until you reach the height of your knees, slowly rising. Repeat 20 times x 3 series.