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Tonatiuh García
Experimented Yoga Instructor



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Tonatiuh García

Experimented Yoga Instructor

My first contact with a physical activity was to athletics in the primary discipline in which I won several trophies in the high jump, shot put and 100 meters flat, it was then that I discovered I had ability to compete athletically and decided to develop through martial art, as my character was always a competitive warrior.

After several years in this practice and many injuries chose to change to yoga, this change was circumstantial but my interest grew quickly after I go into the issue of lighting that completely captured me like a true warrior and I would achieve that stateawareness and fulfillment easily, of course not, the process is long and life is short, however being in contact with this discipline has helped me to live better and enjoy good health, physically and mentally.

The search I undertook attending various schools in Mexico and abroad Hatha and Kundalini gave me different techniques or practices yoga, gentle yoga and stretching, power yoga and strength, yoga, devotional singing and prayer, and severaltechniques of meditation, Vipassana, Chakras, Light and Sound, and so on. But I think my real learning started when I took full responsibility for my practice and procedure followed my instinct and observation of movement.

Then teach yoga was correcting my thesis on this subject.
How to convey a yoga experience to a group of 10 or 15 people with different ages and limitations? I think this is not learned in a course of yoga instructor certification comes with time and experience, could honestly say I learned to teach and to this day I keep learning and teaching.
I have over 20 years practicing yoga and 10 years of teaching.

In Puerto Vallarta I have worked for different companies such as Gold's Gym, Total Fitness, Paradise Village, and Grand Velas Vallarta currently teaches at Fitness.

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