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Self Defense
strengthMuscle strength and power that takes place in Self Defense, that is, helps you develop both brute force compared with other physical activities or sports. fuerza
EnduranceCardiovascular endurance constantly providing Self Defense practice, that is, how much help you cope ejercitándote long compared to other sports or physical activities. resistencia
FlexibilityElastic capacity is achieved by practicing Self Defense,bought with other sports or physical activities, in other words, how you manage to bend or stretch without doing harm you flexibilidad
SpeedThe speed of moving the body or a part thereof from one place to another that is developed by practicing Self Defense compared to other sports or physical activities velocidad
AgilityAbility to move the body as desired quickly and accurately obtained by practicing Self Defense, constantly compared to other physical activities or sports. agilidad
ReflexesAutomatic responsiveness to stimuli is achieved spontaneous Self Defense, practice compared to other sport or physical activity. reflejos
CoordinationHow much is developed to synchronize or harmonize body movements based on other people, rhythms or sequences while playing Self Defense en comparación con las otras actividades físicas o deportes coordinación
AccuracyHow much will dominate specific body movements to achieve the same result to practice Self Defense, compared to other sports or physical activities. precisión
BalanceBoth are able to control the body's muscles to prevent the imbalance by making Self Defense unlike other sports or physical activities. equilibrio
ConcentrationThe ability to focus mind and senses intention to achieve a specific goal that is acquired by practicing Self Defense, compared to other sports or physical activities. cuerpo-mente
ToningStylization of the body and muscle derarrollo pruduct of optimal levels of body fat that comes from Self Defense, compared to other sports. tonificación
Calorie BurningThat many calories are burned while practicing Self Defense, when compared to other sports or physical activities. quema calórica

  • Comfortable clothing

Self Defense

Fight back, escape, survive

It is considered self defense at any set of techniques that aim to stop or repel an attack carried out against the person. The techniques depend on the field in which they are exercised, they are civil, police and military.

A civilian or police officer is trying to reduce the opponent safely and without causing further damage, so are applied from basic techniques as unique hits or kneeds to soft parts that allow a quick escape up to professional techniques such as kicking, imbalances or immobilizations. You can use items such as pepper spray, taser guns or electric batons that are among the items allowed by law. While in the military, are adopted techniques that have increased offensive power and lethal, allowing the use of firearms.

The sectors of society who are more likely to be victims are women, children and the elderly, that’s because the assailants attack people who are considered weaker or defenseless. This was explained by Sam Allred, a renowned specialist in self-defense:

“The criminal usually evaluates and studies his victims before committing their crimes, perceives and detects body signals of those who are considered an easy target. Individuals with a strong physical constitution or who train any martial art are rarely tackled.” –Art of Dominating and Conquering the Agressor, Books for everyone, 2001.

Everyone, regardless of sex, age, body type, profession or social status are exposed to some form of physical aggression at some point in our lives, so you should be prepared to face the situation efficiently. The knowledge and skills of self defense provide a sense of control and calm that is necessary to feel secure. The type of technique used shall be the one that best suits the situation, our physical constitution and our individual abilities.

The fact of living in a dehumanized society and plagued by violence forced to develop strategies that would effectively face it to emerge unscathed, which is why were created defense techniques made especially for use in urban life. The purpose of these is to avoid being an easy target or make easier the work of the assailant.


  • Do not leave visible valuable objects in the vehicle.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry on the street.
  • Do not go to public places with low light, alone or with little supervision.
  • Avoid going to ATMs at night, especially if they comply with the previous indication.
  • Avoid getting home at the same time always, the routines are easy targets for attacks.
  • Don’t let strangers enter your home.
  • Travels accompanied, especially if it is long distances.
  • Do not visit commercial establishments when they’re approaching the closing time.
  • Keep the car windows up in lights or traffic lights late at night.
  • Trust your instincts if you sense that someone or something can be dangerous for you.
  • Evaluate the places you will go and get dressed up to them, do not wear jewelry in unsafe places. Try not to go alone.
  • Walk quickly, confidently and always see around you. Find safe places and points where you can run if needed. Take the safest route.
  • Walk where there is no doorways, shrubs, corners or areas of low light.
  • If you're in an unfamiliar place and disturbs your calm, get out of there.
  • Always avoid confrontation, remember to avoid is better than to face.
  • All fights have consequences, both for you as the aggressor, is the best for you is getting avoid.

  • Opt for crowded and illuminated places.
  • Know places where you can find help.
  • Program the phone with the number of police.
  • Do not give or ask for "ride" to strangers.
  • Do not go alone to public telephones, ATMs or jogging.
  • Avoid flashy clothes.
  • Do not assume defiant behaviors or cause altercations.
  • Use your voice as a weapon.
  • Evade and escape as possible.
  • Do not let the attacker take you to a second location, could be the place where it will fulfill its objective.
  • Items that can be used as weapons: Belt, hearing aids, nail file, bottle, comb, scissors, pen, remote control, keys, umbrella, etc.

  • Krav Magá
    • Official system of fighting and self defense used by defense forces and Israeli security, known in his early days as Krav meaning "battle".
  • Defendo
    • British martial art developed by Bill Underwood, in the city of Liverpool, England. It has influence of jujutsu.


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