Vallarta Sport, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Mexico

Norberto "El Güero" Aguirre
Professional Tennis Instructor




Norberto "El Güero" Aguirre

Professional Tennis Instructor


  • 16 (-) minor # 6 at the state and # 17 nationwide.
  • 18 (-) minor # 5 nationally and # 14 nationally.



  • Player of Puerto Vallarta for 4 years from 1995 to 2000.
  • Player national ranking that achieves high bad was # 12 in 1998.
  • Player AMTP participant circuit (Mexican Association of Tennis Professionals), for 8 years to maintain a ranking within the top 20 players nationally.
  • The first certified teacher in Puerto Vallarta on the part of the USPTR (United Stade Professional Tennis Registry).
  • Participant first congress in Mexico BODY & MIND, by the Prince company. Taught by Jack Groppel AND PAT ETCHEVERRY.
  • Teacher and activities director of Jonh NEWCOMB TENNIS CLUB, currently Canto del Sol for 10 years where he developed state events such as tournaments, national and international as the Challenger ATP With such an event won the award for best tournament held in Latin America.
  • Starter tennis program at the Holiday Inn in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Initiator of the first of the first tennis academy for children in Puerto Vallarta at the Club Iguana.
  • Creator program WESTIN TENNIS tennis activities for 5 years at the Westin Regina Puerto Vallarta.
  • First certified instructor in Puerto Vallarta in ITF1 And ITF2.certificaciones to train high performance players.
  • Starting the activities of club EL TIGRE, being first implemented in Puerto Vallarta CARDIO TENNIS.

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