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strengthMuscle strength and power that takes place in Motocross, that is, helps you develop both brute force compared with other physical activities or sports. fuerza
EnduranceCardiovascular endurance constantly providing Motocross practice, that is, how much help you cope ejercitándote long compared to other sports or physical activities. resistencia
FlexibilityElastic capacity is achieved by practicing Motocross,bought with other sports or physical activities, in other words, how you manage to bend or stretch without doing harm you flexibilidad
SpeedThe speed of moving the body or a part thereof from one place to another that is developed by practicing Motocross compared to other sports or physical activities velocidad
AgilityAbility to move the body as desired quickly and accurately obtained by practicing Motocross, constantly compared to other physical activities or sports. agilidad
ReflexesAutomatic responsiveness to stimuli is achieved spontaneous Motocross, practice compared to other sport or physical activity. reflejos
CoordinationHow much is developed to synchronize or harmonize body movements based on other people, rhythms or sequences while playing Motocross en comparación con las otras actividades físicas o deportes coordinación
AccuracyHow much will dominate specific body movements to achieve the same result to practice Motocross, compared to other sports or physical activities. precisión
BalanceBoth are able to control the body's muscles to prevent the imbalance by making Motocross unlike other sports or physical activities. equilibrio
ConcentrationThe ability to focus mind and senses intention to achieve a specific goal that is acquired by practicing Motocross, compared to other sports or physical activities. cuerpo-mente
ToningStylization of the body and muscle derarrollo pruduct of optimal levels of body fat that comes from Motocross, compared to other sports. tonificación
Calorie BurningThat many calories are burned while practicing Motocross, when compared to other sports or physical activities. quema calórica

  • Boots
  • Chest
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Jersey
  • Protections
  • and of course, a motorcycle


Vibrant, full speed, man and machine

Takes place in unpaved circuits in which the different participants dispute a career with the objective of complete it in top position in the goal. The rugged terrains, ramps, dangerous curves, make this extreme sport a great show.

Born in the thirties in Holland, was immediately adopted in Britain and Belgium, where it is still one of the most popular sports. After the Second World War, spread rapidly throughout the world. It is a land speed race on a track usually quite short and full of difficulties. The steep rises, vertiginous descents, canyons, thalwegs, angles and jumps of several meters make the Motocross one of the harder specialties from a physical standpoint.

  • Use all necessary precautions.
  • Rules from American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).


International Day for Physical Activation 2012
International Day for Physical Activation 2012
On the occasion of International Day of Physical Activation, the City of Puerto Vallarta through COMUFODAJ and CEDE... [+]
28 de marzo de 2012

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SportRanch Vallarta
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