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strengthMuscle strength and power that takes place in Frontenis, that is, helps you develop both brute force compared with other physical activities or sports. fuerza
EnduranceCardiovascular endurance constantly providing Frontenis practice, that is, how much help you cope ejercitándote long compared to other sports or physical activities. resistencia
FlexibilityElastic capacity is achieved by practicing Frontenis,bought with other sports or physical activities, in other words, how you manage to bend or stretch without doing harm you flexibilidad
SpeedThe speed of moving the body or a part thereof from one place to another that is developed by practicing Frontenis compared to other sports or physical activities velocidad
AgilityAbility to move the body as desired quickly and accurately obtained by practicing Frontenis, constantly compared to other physical activities or sports. agilidad
ReflexesAutomatic responsiveness to stimuli is achieved spontaneous Frontenis, practice compared to other sport or physical activity. reflejos
CoordinationHow much is developed to synchronize or harmonize body movements based on other people, rhythms or sequences while playing Frontenis en comparación con las otras actividades físicas o deportes coordinación
AccuracyHow much will dominate specific body movements to achieve the same result to practice Frontenis, compared to other sports or physical activities. precisión
BalanceBoth are able to control the body's muscles to prevent the imbalance by making Frontenis unlike other sports or physical activities. equilibrio
ConcentrationThe ability to focus mind and senses intention to achieve a specific goal that is acquired by practicing Frontenis, compared to other sports or physical activities. cuerpo-mente
ToningStylization of the body and muscle derarrollo pruduct of optimal levels of body fat that comes from Frontenis, compared to other sports. tonificación
Calorie BurningThat many calories are burned while practicing Frontenis, when compared to other sports or physical activities. quema calórica

  • Rubber soled tennis
  • Short
  • T-shirt
  • Preferably white
  • Racket


Bounce it strongly

Considered a national sport, racquetball is a form of Basque Pelota that is played in a fronton of 30 meters with the tennis racket or something similar, also used a hollow rubber ball. This method was introduced by Mexico, so Mexicans are experts in this sport.

Like other racquet sports, it can be practiced by two or four players (single or double), although this last does not have international representation. The game consists of a player must hit the ball with the racquet before it bounces twice on the fronton, in turn, must touch the front and then enter the defined area on the court, in such a way that the otherwise cannot return it successfully. The fronton is a rectangular field 10 to 11 m wide, with walls 10 meters high on three sides, but one of the times. The far-may be three: 30, 36 or 54 meters.

The Racquetball is a sport that requires fast speed, skill, mental agility, excellent eye coordination and good physical condition.

It is known that it practicing ball games as entertainment since ancient peoples in America were the Aztecs and Mayans, who used a stick to hit the tennis ball with stone walls, while in Europe the Greek maidens amused with the ball, which passed to the inhabitants of Spain, Italy and France who even organized for practice.

It was in France took two variants, the longue paume and courte paume in Spanish short palm and long palm these were the basis for Tennis. In the late XIX century established the first rules of Basque Ball these were expanded to most of the world and the Americas receive them soon.

From around the year 1900 began in Mexico Frontenis, this was played with tennis balls uncoated and little by little, the courts in which they played had changes, falling for the sport will turn faster. They say it was a product of the most famous players of the time that having to wait for the repairs of the tennis racquetball, began to hit the tennis ball on the walls of the Reforma and Junior clubs, located in Mexico City.

This activity created a new word Frontontenis, word to would shorten Frontenis in the year 1916, thanks to Fernando Torreblanca who had built a Fronton court at home. Other versions say the Frontenis originated in the court where the Aztecs ancestors played Chacual.

In 1978 formed the Mexican Federation of Fronton, who was in charge of regulating the sport and other derivatives of the Basque Pelota. Soon its practice spread to neighboring countries like Cuba, Venezuela, United States and later to Europe, increasing the number of practitioners quickly.

  • 2010 Official Rules of the International Federation of Basque Pelota (Spanish).
  • Racket or tool is similar or equal to the tennis court.
  • You can play singles or doubles, a player will be front and one defender.
  • The parties both male and female will be in at 30 points.
  • The ball is pneumatic having a weight of 39 grams minimum and maximum of 42 grams.
  • The serve will take place from the 17.50 meters from the front to pass the 10.50 meters which is where lies the fault. In this specialty, there is the play call passes.
  • The bottom plate of the frontis shall be at a maximum height of 60 cm. from the ground from the top.
  • It will considered that the ball is suitable for use in the development of an encounter, when dropping from a height of 2 meters from the floor of the court, it displays a bounce of between 1.58 meters and 1.68 meters at least as maximum. The ball in his fall, may not be given any impulse.
  • The striker usually put the ball in play called the "serve" to the frontis and returning it within the space defined between 2 lines. Will miss the right to continue with the serve to miss the point.
  • If there is obstruction in the hit, will be given the right to repeat the play and is declared "back".
  • In competitions there is a judge and several line judges and contracancha. The types of tournaments are Open, Male, Female and By Category. Also there are other variants such as the types of competitions according to age, skills or technical level of players such as Children, Novice, Junior, Category A, Category B, Senior and Master. - USA Frontenis

  • Pre-Olympic
    • Usually played in Spain and mostly known around the world. It is played with a yellow rubber ball, similar to tennis but without hair, a pediment of 36 meters by 10 of high. Games are played to 30 points with an hour time limit if the party does not stop the couple earns the most points in the event of a tie ball shall be played. This depends on competition and regulation is intended to respect, there are games 35 goals to 22 goals with no time limit. The defender must have good strength, while the front should be quick and agile.
  • Olympic
    • Played in international competitions, the difference with the former lies in the size and composition of the ball, here is rubber, is hollow and is smaller, besides that inside it there is a gas that expands the heat causing the various effects to gain the ball being struck. The racket has double strings. Here the fronton is 30 feet, matches are played to 30 points and no time limit. This is the one that is mostly played in Mexico.


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...the minimum age to enter a competition of open water is 14?
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